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How Covid-19 has affected me

I'm 49 years old about to turn 50 in December 2020 and I am in good health.  I live in Richmond, Virginia. I don't have Covid-19 and I pray that I never get it.  I am an artist and writer and started Back Talk a few days ago.  I am renting a room in a care home called Achilles Healing House.  Over a few months ago one of the ladies that run this home tested positive for Covid-19.  She only worked here part time because she has a full time job.  Richmond Community Hospital down the street would not test us because we weren't showing any symptoms and my primary care doctor's office does not test patients.  They called me and recommended 3 facilities that perform the tests but I never went.  I'm not showing any symptoms.

I just called my brother last night and he told me one of our friends had died from Covid-19 and that he, my brother, felt that a lot of Black people are not taking the disease seriously. Fortunately I have not run into any other problems there is a grocery store and Family Dollar nearby.   If I go to Walmart I take an Uber which now requires it's riders to wear a mask or no ride.  I try not to forget my mask when I go out.  

It seems like the news channels like CNN and MSNBC are only reporting on Covid-19 and little else.  This pandemic has really hit the US and many countries very hard.  It has affected our economy and because so many businesses had to closed unemployment is thru the roof.  I get a social security check.  That is another story and so far my check has not been affected or discontinued.  That has always been my fear that it would be somehow cut and I would be left with little income.  That is why I am working so hard to get my business off the ground.

According to the New York Times there is a reported 4 millon reported cases in the USA alone.  That is unbelievable.  I don't think the Corona virus is going away any time soon.  I think we are going to have deal with this like the AIDS epidemic.


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